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The Benefits of 7Across
Your membership at Costa San Antonio also includes free membership to 7Across which is a holiday exchange company with offices in UK. Therefore besides or instead of using your membership at Costa San Antonio you may wish to exchange into your choice from thousands of resorts worldwide. As soon as you become fully registered members, 7Across will mail you your membership password to enable you to start searching for your next dream holiday.
You may book your holiday up to two years in advance or as late as two days before your intended departure date. You may also save your ownership for up to three years.
As members you are also entitled to book as many Bonus weeks as you need through 7Across for a fraction of the normal holiday cost. Bonus weeks are available through the 7Across web site or by phoning 7Across directly.
If you can get away at reasonable notice these Bonus Weeks offer a real bargain. Why not treat your self to extra holidays? Or Surprise a loved one with the gift of luxury and fully equipped holiday accommodation.

When planning your next holiday using bonus weeks, you are entitled to search for accommodation that is unrestricted in size. Meaning if you own an apartment for two persons, you are still entitled to request accommodation for 4 or 6 persons should you wish to holiday with family or friends.
If you are returning back to Costa San Antonio in Malta, all you need to do is phone or email the dates you would like to book and we will email or write back with your holiday confirmation.

Treat yourself, family and friends to extra holidays
These are available to 7Across club members and their family and friends for last minute rentals at very low cost. With bonus weeks you do not have to deposit your ownership week, however you do need to be a 7Across Club Member.